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Please note I am no longer actively blogging here, but as the site is still receiving thousands of views each month, I have left up the most popular posts for information. As tempting as it is to edit these posts now – several years later – I have left them as rambling, wordsy and emotional as they felt when I first wrote them.

When I began this blog in 2012, it was a place for my cathartic, new parent musings, and sometimes to provide parents with the kind of support and information I found difficult to source back then. Today, there exists so much more of this kind of writing for parents. It is wonderful.
While I'm no longer blogging here, I am still writing. My children growing older has provided me with the space to write professionally. (Yes, new parents, as unimaginable as it feels right now, it does actually happen – them babies grow up!) If you would like to get in touch, and find out more about my writing now, leave me a comment with your email address below. (It won't be published, but I'll see it and get back to you.)

– K

November 2017

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